Research & Innovation areas: highlights and socio-economic impacts

proMetheus activities and outcomes aims to create knowledge, design and implement new solutions in the following areas:

  • Materials and Mechanics:

  • New materials for application in sustainable energy production and storage
  • Technologies and solutions and technologies for by-products/waste recycling and reuse
  • Digital Design and Manufacturing of Sustainable Mechanical Systems

  • Sustainable construction

  • Environmentally friendly building materials promoting efficient energy systems;
  • Sustainable design of buildings and infrastructures;

  • Energy

  • Development of new energy systems
  • The use of energy resources in a sustainable way
  • Promoting efficiency energy in industry

  • Environmental technologies

  • Innovation in (eco)technologies for water and soil treatment, materials and (bio)energy recovery from biomass and residues;

  • Socio-environmental and territorial systems

  • Analysis for (natural) resource management and (ecosystem) services assessment associated to socio-environmental systems governance using sensors, (spatial) information systems, digital networks and e-infrastructures research.