FreeMarkWare - Cerâmica utilitária de elevada resistência ao metal marking


Acronym: FreeMarkWare

Description: This project aims at the development of high performance tableware products based on new glazes systems that improve the performance of surfaces, particularly with regard to resistance to metal marking of domestic stoneware and earthenware. It is intended to minimize a recurring problem - the metal marking- and to assess possible benefits in terms of antisticking properties. Ensuring that initial properties of ceramic products, and specialy the aesthetic component, the performance improvement should enable an increase in the average life span of products, increasing quality standards of companies operating on highly competitive and technically demanding international markets. The development is focused on modifying the surface properties of products, and two simultaneous investigation axes will be followed, based on the modification of glazes composition, in order to reduce elements that contribute to the occurrence of metal marking and the application of coatings consisting of nanoc

Reference: FreeMarkWare

IPVC Budget: 103000 €

proMetheus PI: Manuel Ribeiro

proMetheus team: