Online Monitoring Infrastructure and Active Mitigation Strategies for Indoor Radon Gas in Public Buildings on the Northern Region of Portugal


Acronym: RnMonitor

Description: RnMonitor project focus on the design of a Cyber-Physical System (CPS) for online monitoring and active mitigation of radon gas concentration inside granitic public buildings of the north region of Portugal. The project has 4 main outcomes: i) to get an offline characterization of 30 public granitic buildings; ii) to design and develop a low-cost Radon probe for online monitoring; iii) to design and develop a Cloud-based WebSIG platform for online data processing and visualization of the indoor temperature, humidity and radon gas concentration; iv) to get a fully functional online demonstrator based on the technologies developed in objectives ii) and iii) to monitor the 10 most problematic cases identified in objective i). As a major societal challenge outcome, it is intended to promote the awareness of local authorities and population to the existent risk to public health due to radon exposure and therefore suggest appropriate mitigation. strategies.

Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-023997

IPVC Budget: 67896.25 €

proMetheus PI: António Curado

proMetheus team: