The Place for Arts-Driven Blue Innovation


Acronym: Viana S+T+ARTS Centre


The project will lay the foundation of the Viana S+T+ARTS Centre, a creative hub in the city of Viana do Castelo (VC) to address social, economic and sustainability challenges. The Centre will  help achieve VC´s Ocean Agenda goals by triggering its blue innovation potential and accelerating the sustainable development of its ocean industries. It will be a community space where creativity, arts, and I&D meet to co-create unconventional solutions (S+T+ARTS concept) for sustainability challenges and inspire artistic works. The new developments will attract young talents  to VC (they move to large cities) and help revitalise the surrounding poor neighbourhood.

The project solution is the innovative and inclusive transformation of the municipal old slaughterhouse building into the new Centre, using the NEB principles.

The building renovation will demonstrate innovative energy-efficiency and circular solutions (many at a prototype stage), including the building supply by renewable energies (REN), using local resources (e.g. wave, sun, wind - VC has the first EU offshore floating windfarm), and piloting a novel system for storing surplus electrical REN in the form of hydrogen. It will be the 1st building to integrate a digitally controllable rotating pilot division that turns in the direction of the sun to maximise solar energy harvest. The project will provide municipalities with novel sustainability solutions and contribute to environmentally responsible behaviour in the community.

Reference: EUI-Innovative Actions 01-087- EU-FEDER

IPVC Budget: 160320 €

proMetheus PI: Pedro Delgado

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