Upskilling technical workers from unsustainable energy sectors to boost employability in the fast-growing wind industry


Acronym: WINd E+2023


The active role of citizens and their direct involvement is essential to address climate change and renewable energy implementation. Changes in citizen’s and consumer’s behaviours towards more sustainable patterns can happen through education, awareness raising, citizen science, observation and monitoring of their environmental impacts, civic engagement and social innovation. It is essential to directly involve citizens and communities in contributing to climate action and protecting the environment.

A strong emphasis should be placed on strengthening environmental awareness of long-term unemployed people and fossil fuel workers through education, specific training and other forms of engagement.

Fossil energy workers have the potential to shift their scope of work to renewable energies becoming ambassadors for climate action, sustainable development and environmental protection by upgrading their knowledge, experience and engagement with companies, local communities, public and private decision makers, as well as through communication and the use of social media

Reference: 2023-1-PT01-KA220-VET-000156817

IPVC Budget: 55000 €

proMetheus PI: António Curado

proMetheus team: