Understanding Urban Differences in the Spread of Covid-19 and Socio-economic Inequalities: Bogotá, Colombia vs Chenai, India


Acronym: UUD_covid19

Description: Governments across the world have implemented varying public policy responses to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 since the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared a pandemic in March 2020. This exploratory study seeks to understand the impacts of Covid-19, considering urban socio-spatial patterns and the context of socio-economic inequalities in the two boroughs of Colombian capital city of Bogotá comparing with the city of Chenai, India. Based on the socio-economic characterisation carried out by the Colombian National Planning Department (DANE) and the Governement of India, and aggregated data on mortality, infection levels, and the use of intensive care units from both cities, this research seeks to understand the impacts of the virus in the two cities (two boroughs from each city), which differ greatly in socio-economic terms and urban planning with respect to safe and equitable mobility. Space Syntax allows us to study urban morphology and serves as a methodology to understand social behaviour, connectivity, integration, and urban planning in Bogotá and Chenai.

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