Water and sustainable wellbeing: Paramos of the Tropical Andes as focal points of climate change, ecosystems and human wellbeing


Acronym: WSW_P

Description: Urban growth has been influencing the intensive use of natural resources such as ecosystems. Often local communities with limited economic resources live in such ecosystems where they pursue subsistence work activities and lack access to water. At the same time, we can observe socio-environmental conflicts with negative impacts on society. For these reasons, an interdisciplinary approach is required, which sees natural resources as simultaneously in need of being preserved and capable of generating local economies and meeting human needs through ecosystem services. We seek to analyze access to water in the Paramo regions of the Tropical Andes and the physical elements of urban pressure as an environmental and territorial binomial. Through a methodology based on three perspectives, we intend to determine the water security and the degree of artificialization of a protected area in Colombia focusing on climate change, ecosytems and human wellbeing. As a conclusion, we expect to understand the appropriate approaches and the design of policies that promote equitable development, and to thus chart transitions to more sustainable water usages.

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