End-of-life building materials recovery: processing of fibers from a circular economy perspective


Acronym: FiberRec


The investigation aims to develop a solution for the recovery of asbestos waste, through a thermal process.

To fulfill this objective, asbestos fibers will be analyzed so that they can be characterized from a physicochemical point of view, with emphasis on the identification of fibrous structures.

Subsequently, the melting temperatures will be determined, and the structural reorganization during cooling will be analyzed, with a new characterization of the different materials obtained.

Finally, the optimal process for the recovery of waste will be defined, based on the experimental result. This new approach is part of the principles of circular economy and sustainability, through the reintroduction of waste into the production chain.

Reference: 2022.09272.PTDC

IPVC Budget: 43279.05 €

proMetheus PI: António Curado

proMetheus team: