Acronym: REFILL_H2O

Description: The objective of the R&D Project is to drastically reduce, in the schools of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC), bars, canteens and academic residences, the sale of water bottles in plastic packaging, thus promoting the application of the principles of the circular economy by reducing the use of plastic materials and the respective production of waste. The reduction in the consumption of plastic water packaging allows for a change in the consumption habits (students, teachers and employees), favoring a reduction in the production of disposable waste, which in the recycling process consume energy and result in an emission greenhouse gas emission. Partners: Regional Energy and Environment Agency of Alto Minho (AREA. Alto Minho).

Reference: PROJETO 10_SGS#1

IPVC Budget: 140349.64 €

proMetheus PI: António Curado

proMetheus team: