To carry out microscopic observations, several materials require prior preparation that includes cutting the sample, grinding, polishing and, if necessary, chemical/thermal attack. This laboratory is equipped with various sandpapers and cloth polishers, with abrasives of decreasing particle size, which allow samples to be prepared for studies of the morphology and structure of the materials. One also have some PLA 3D small printers here.

Contact: António Labrincha

Uniaxial Press


Cutting wheel

Struers - Accutom-2

Thinning machine


Polishing machine

Jean Wirtz - TG 200

Polishing machine


Polymer 3D printer

hello Bee Prusa - hello Bee Prusa

Sample preparation

  • Pode-se polir amostras para posterior inspeção por microscopia ótica ou eletrônica. 
  • prensar pequenas amostras em uma prensa manual.
  • imprimir em 3D pequenos sólidos plásticos.