Laboratory dedicated to high-temperature solid-state electrochemistry and other electrical and thermal measurements. There are several available techniques, which we highlight the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, a.c. and d.c. conductivity measurements, ionic and electronic conductivity measurements in mixed conductors.

Contact: João C.C. Abrantes

Tubular furnaces for electrical measurements


LCR Impedance Meter (20-1MHz)

Hewlett-Packard 4284A - 4284A


LeCroy 9361

Multimeters and Power Sources

Yokogawa, Keithley, Agilent

Impedance Spectroscopy (Multichannel System)

Agilent - 3499

Furnaces for electrical measurements with controlled atmosphere


Impedance Spectroscopy Meter

Autolab - PGSTAT302N

Electrical and electrochemical characterization of materials

The electrical and electrochemical characterization of materials include:

  • Measurements of electric conductivity (a.c. and d.c.);
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysis;
  • Determination of oxide non-stoichiometry and electronic/ionic conductivity on mixed ionic electronic conductors, using the following techniques:
  • Coulometric titration;
  • Webb-Wagner polarization – ion blocking;
  • Electrochemical permeability.
The electrical and electrochemical characterization can be done under different working conditions, namely:
  • Room temperature;
  • High temperature (up to 1200°C);
  • Controlled atmosphere (with special gases, such as N2, H2, CO2, etc.).