Laboratory dedicated to teaching and R&DT activities in the area of Mechanical Engineering and, in particular, advanced manufacturing processes. It has means for analyzing structures, machine parts and mechanisms in mechanical engineering, and has the ability to perform computational simulation. It has educational kits for teaching thermodynamics, HVAC systems, internal combustion engines and gears. In the available manufacturing processes, aimed at developing projects and providing services to the community, the existence of 3D metal printing stands out.

Contact: Pedro Resende

Infrared Camera

Fluke TiS55

Vibration Analyzer

Fluke - 810

Compression refrigeration system

Gunt ET411C

Assembly Control Gear (Didactic Kit)

Gunt GL 430

Dynamic Behaviour of Multistage Planetary Gears (Didactic Kit)

Gunt GL 212

Gas turbine jet engine

Gunt ET 796

Engine test stand, 11kW

Gunt CT300, CT300.04, CT300.09, CT300.17

CNC milling cutter

Optima Maxioptima 2010

CNC lathe


MIG/MAG welding machines

PRAXAIR Refª: 300H/4R

SER welding machine


3D Printer for metals

TruPrint 1000

Portable gas analyzer

Madur GA-21plus

No data