This Laboratory supports the work taking place in other Laboratories, namely Technology and Metallography Laboratpories. Several activities are developed here and the following stand out: - preparation of solutions; - density measurements of materials using the Archimedes method; - suspension viscosity measurements; - determination of plaster setting times; - determination of apparent porosity.

Contact: Eduarda Lima

Retsch Planetary mill

Retsch - S1

Rotational rheometer

Anton Paar - MCR 102

Ball Milling

Retsch - PM100

Particle Size Analyser

Malvern MS3000

Analytical Balance

Scaltec SBC 31

Table top centrifuger

Hermle - Z380

Grindind and milling

Particle size reduction of materials is achieved with a planetary ball mill, providing:

  • Grinding and milling materials with a capacity up to 220 ml per batch, with maximum speed of 650 rpm
  • Final fineness achieved of 0.1 µm from 10 mm of feed size
  • Tasks of mechanochemistry (mechano-synthesis, mechanical alloying and mechanocatalysis),
  • Grinding ultrafine colloidal on a nanometer scale.
Particle size analysis
  • Performed using the technique of laser diffraction;
  • Large volume wet sample dispersion unit enables automated analysis of particle size and particle size distribution, from 10 nm up to 3.5 mm.