Defect Chemistry Toolbox

by João C.C. Abrantes


The defect chemistry methodology is commonly used to interpret the transport properties of materials and to predict the effects of variable working conditions on the electrical properties and processes which depend on mass transport.

The objective of this web application is to simplify the analysis of defect chemistry, through an appropriate methodology, where in a easy and quick way, defect diagrams and their relationship with experimental data can be analysed, making this online application a valuable teaching resource.

The target audience for this application is academics working in the field of solid state electrochemistry, including undergraduate and graduate students.

Before starting to use this application, it is recommended to see the example and read the available help.

If you use this tool in your publications, please cite as:

  • J.C.C. Abrantes, DefChem – Defect Chemistry Toolbox, (2023).

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