proMetheus is a research unit within the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC), bringing together 41 members, mainly Professors of the School of Technology and Management and the Agrarian School, also counting on the collaboration of researchers from other R&D units. proMetheus aggregates research skills in engineering sciences, namely on materials, mechanics, civil, environmental and geoinformatics. It aims to create global knowledge, to develop and implement innovative and intelligent technological solutions that contribute to a circular, low-carbon economy and sustainable socio-environmental systems, in alignment with regional, national, cross-border and global strategic options, including the ones defined in the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals.

proMetheus research areas aim to respond to scientific challenges related to the development, innovation and optimization of

  1. new materials for the sustainable production and storage of energy;
  2. sustainable building materials that promote efficient energy systems;
  3. sustainable design of buildings and infrastructure;
  4. (eco)technologies for water and soil treatment, materials and (bio)energy recovery from biomass and waste;
  5. social and environmental systems analysis for natural resource management, ecosystem services assessment and governance development models supported in spatial information systems, digital networks and e-infrastructures.